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"Yuna"                     "Bling"                    "Trip"                  "Dazzle"

A breed that was only allowed to be touched or owned by Royalty.
Perfected by the Japanese for human companionship.

Today this rare unspoilt breed, is enjoyed by many, across the world.

Japanese Chin are a toy breed, weighing 7-11 lbs.
The well known breed trait, is their wide eyed, look of astonishment
acheived because of the small amount of white showing in the inner corners of the eyes.
This breed is fearless and very inquisitive. Their curiosity combined with their
wide eyed innocent look, will certainly have you laughing at what they get into.
They are just little clowns.

The Japanese Chin house trains, and will ask to go outside
by pacing or scratching at the door, or ringing a bell if you have one.
Keeping a pee pad by the exit door will help a great deal.
Unlike other toy breeds, the Chin is not prone to barking
and if it is the only dog in the house, you may never hear them bark at all.
When irritated with their humans, they do object with this "whooo whooo"
which is totally endearing.

Another unusual trait of the Chin is his tendency blow out of his nose,
resulting in a fine mist of exhalation, also known by Chin fanciers as a "snizzle."
This is not the sign of a respiratory infection, but instead is due to his flat face.
Reverse sneezing is also common in the Chin and is not usually a cause for concern.

Their coat is medium length, fine, and soft and easy to maintain
with just running a comb through their coat weekly.
If you bath them weekly, you will get less shedding
and a more impressive flowing coat.
Quiet, funny, clean, easy maintenance coat.
You could not find a breed more perfect for apartment or small space living

Yuna, Bling, Dazzle

The breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1888
Often also referred to as a Japanese Spaniel.
The Chin is closely related to the Pekingese.
Average Height: 8-11 inches
Average Weight: 7-11 pounds
Average Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
Quiet breed
Group: Toy Group

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