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2021 Japanese Chin Club of America National Specialty

2022 Japanese Chin Club of America National Specialty

While Japanese Chin are a "companion" breed, Njoy Chin proves that our Chin
are more than just pretty faces, and that they have amazing Temperaments
Ability, Intelligence and a desire to please.
Our Chin are also in peek physical condition
with the endurance, to enjoy many activities, with their humans.

Yuna earing an AKC Trick Dog Title

Dice earning his AKC Temperament Title

Caramel earning her AKC FAST-CAT Title

Dazzle earning her AKC Coursing Ability Title

The Girls earning their AKC Farm Dog Certificate

Yuna practicing to earn a UKC Weight Pull Title

Bling working up to a Dock Diving Title

Trip showing to #1 Japanese Chin in Canada !!