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I often get asked "should I get pet insurance"?
and in the early 2000's I would say "NO" however today
There is better pet insurance companies that are also covering
more and more and today it is just making economical sense to shop around and get it.

HOWEVER Insurance is also giving Veterinarians a "BLANK CHECK" and subjecting our pets
to many unnecessary procedures and investigations and TORTURE that often our pets do not need
just because it is 'covered'. ie doing a bowel biopsy of a puppy or dog that has Diarrhea ! Results will always be:
Irritated and inflamed bowel (there just saved you some money).

So just because you have insurance, does not mean you should accept everything a Vet suggests
just because it is covered by insurance.
You will still need to use your common sense !
Try to find a PRIVATELY OWNED VET CLINIC for the best care
as they are not obligated to meet Sales Quatas.

If you have purchased from a responsible breeder, start there.
They can offer you their experience with opinions which may aid you
and or consult with their Health Care professionals and help you navigate the Veterinary BS.

KEEP IN MIND, to read your Adoption Agreement.
Njoy Chin will NOT pay for any medical treatment or procedures
Buyer assumes any medical or legal costs and or bills as of the day of purchase.

Njoy Chin does provide a Record of Health, Microchip and extensive Information on Puppy Raising.
Njoy Chin completes every conclusive OFA and DNA health test,
Conformation, Temperament and Performance Title, on our Puppy Parents
to best ensure pups produced by us, have the best chance of having good Temperaments, Intelligence
and are Physically healthy, the day they leave us.

Anyone can return any of our pups, at any age, for any reason.
I will always be here for pups I have produced.

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