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Adoption Information

Njoy Japanese Chin puppy Parents, have completed, ALL conclusive and available OFA health testing
that is appropriate for Japanese Chin (view the link on their web page) to best ensure your puppy
and pups we keep, will be healthy, through extensive genetic testing done on their parents.

Njoy japanese Chins are OFA'd, DNA'd and may have passed
GM2 (neurological disorder), Cardiac (good heart), Patella (good knee caps, no slipping patellas)
FULL Dentition ("some" have all teeth), Tracheal Hypoplasia (no breathing issues), Eyes (no vision problems)
legg-calve-Perthes (no defects in hip bones/joint) which we share on their individual web pages.

Your puppy's parents have also achieved Show Titles of Champion and or Grand Champion in multiple countries
awarded by many Professional Unbiased Judges, hired to evaluate the quality of Dogs.
These titles offer the public assurances that their puppy comes from structurally and mentally sound parents
increasing chances that resulting pups
should also be physically and mentally sound and healthy.

Njoy Chin has done the best they can, to ensure your puppy will live a long healthy life with you.
We achieve this by ensuring our pups, gain a robust immunity through nursing and NOT bottle feeding.
Nursing from mom, means your puppy should mature to have a healthy digestive system, robust immune system
healthy excretory system, nervous system, and endocrine system.
WE do not participate in any "heroic measures" to save unhealthy pups, not thriving.
We also offer extensive advise on what has worked for us, for our puppy people to follow.

Njoy Japanese Chin puppy parents and pups, are fed PROPERLY balanced professionally made RAW food.
Raw food ensures your puppy will only receive healthy, natural ingredients (no chemicals added)
to promote gut health, keep those tiny teeth clean and sparkling, and to prevent puppy
from experiencing any hypoglycemic experiences, skin and allergy problems, that kibble fed dogs, may experience.
RAW food guide and suppliers of RAW food are linked on our web page: FOOD
Because we know that this is not always available, we have also included Kibble reccomendations.

ALL this testing and titling, is the best assurance that Njoy Chin can offer
that resulting pups should be healthy and long lived.

AND because owners will over vaccinate
(despite my warnings to ONLY give Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvo)
give them toxic soup of flea/tick insecticides
and feed kibble (despite my warnings)
Not prevent puppy from leaping off of bed or furniture, and or drop them and or step on them
Take them outside walking/playing during extreme hot weather/high humidex weather, which can result in death.
despite my warnings to keep in a pen or lap and let their dogs roam freely picking up all sorts of hazards,
Njoy Japanese Chin offers "0" guarantees on health, or longevity of life, because I have no control
on how people raise my pups, once they leave my care.
I just do my best that I can with only breeding, the most healthy, gorgeous chin.
And try to screen potential puppy owners as best I can. The rest, is up to the Owners.

Owners may obtain a full refund upon return of their puppy
if their vet finds any congenital issues, and puts in writing,
that this issue will prevent puppy from living a companion pet life
within 48 hours of bringing their puppies home, and PRIOR
to puppy receiving any vaccines, or flea/tick product.
Breeder and Njoy Chin will not be held repsonsible for any medical
bills, should you choose to keep puppy.

Njoy Chin will also take back any of their chin at any age, for any reason.
Please do not dump at a shelter ! We also ask that we are put in your Will or you provide
instructions for your loved ones, to get puppy to us, should anything happen to you.
Unbilical hernia, missing or malaigned teeth, hip dysplasia and or slipped patella, can be normal for this toy breed.
Njoy Japanese Chin just hopes to avoid these common issues, through selective breeding.