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Adoption Procedures

~ Sable and white and Black and White Japanese Chin ~


$1,500.00 - Males placed as PETS, on non-breeding agreements
(unless otherwise agreed to, prior to purchase).
$2,000.00 - Females placed as PETS, on non-breeding agreements

(Prices are subject to change)
We live near Niagara Falls - picking up is FREE
People may drive or fly in to pick up their puppy in person
and return home with their puppy, or fly home with their puppy as a "carry on".
On ocassion, we may be able to arrange Pet Transportation near your location for addtional fee.

The difference in Quality is obvious.
~ Please Choose Wisely ~

~ Our Fee is based on Quality ~

Quality that is reflected in the pedigree of each, of our Japanese Chin
Although Chin are not known, for having any major Health Issues
I may have still done breed specific DNA and OFA health clearances listed below:
OFA: GM2 (neurological disorder), Cardiac (good heart), Patella (good knee caps)
FULL Dentition (have all teeth), Tracheal Hypoplasia (no breathing issues), Eyes (no eye issues)
legg-calve-Perthes (no defects in hip bones/joint)

Our Japanese Chin are also INTERNATIONAL Champions, and or, Grand Champions,
with American Kennel Club (AKC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC)
and accomplishing these titles with Group Wins or Placements.
While you might not care about "titles"
Titles are the only tangible proof, any breeder can offer, to the public
proof of the Quality, Teperament and Athletisism of their Japanese Chin.
And proves to the public, that Njoy Japanese Chin, breed with the PURPOSE of bettering the breed.

OUR CHIN also do many "DOG SPORTS" and have accomplished Titles in
Trick Dog, FASTCAT, Sprinter, Coursing, Farm Dog Certificate, Temperament Titles.
Just to show they have a willngness to pleaase,
and to prove how healthy and athletic they are and what great Temperaments they have.

Our Japanese Chin are so exceptional that they
continually Place #1 and or, in the top 10 Japanese Chin, in Canada
and in the Top 20 each year in the American Kennel Club
INCLUDING having qualified for the famous Westminster Dog Show and Crufts Dog Show!!!


1.    Complete an Application.  

2.   Once your application has been approved, we will invite you
   to be on our waiting list, to be notified of puppy availability.
I advise everyone to get on a few breeder's waiting lists to ensure getting
a puppy sooner, because breeding Japanese Chin is a difficult venture.

Those people flexible on sex, stand a greater chance of getting a puppy sooner.
Japanese Chin litters are usually 3-5 puppy litters, and it never fails, we will
get all males and we may have 6 people on our waiting list for females.
Those flexible on color, may also get a puppy sooner, because even though I find
the RARE Sable and or Lemon, just spectacular and I may breed for those colors
most pet people desire black and white puppies, so the waiting list is longer
(at the time of writing this) for black and white female puppies.

3.   When a litter is born and thriving, we will contact people on our waiting list.
  once people confirm interest in a puppy
  They will be added to the puppy's web page,
  which will be constantly updated with weekly video.
  We hope to have our puppy people, feel very involved and included
   in their puppies lives, from birth forward.

  In my puppy litter announcement, I email out, I also list the day that puppy can be picked up
  so people have a few weeks to prepare for puppy.

  Puppy Pick up, in person, I am flexible on pick up day (within few days).

  in any emails once you have been assigned a litter.
  We do get around 300 emails a day pertaining to everything "dog" that we are involved in.
  The subject line indicating the mother of the litter, aids me in
   instantly knowing you are a priority and not spam.
  With everyone also using iPhones and such, we also ask that you
   only use "1" email address, again to save confusion.

4.   The balance of the adoption fee, is due when pups
  are picked up at 8 weeks of age in CASH (not e-transfer, not check, not money order)
  so please make sure you are prepared for this, in advance of picking up
  as banks do have daily limits on withdrawl.
  If you choose to ignore this, you will be denied your puppy, until you can pay CASH   or forfeit your puppy.

5.   By 7 weeks of age if there is a bigger litter, you may have
    Opportunity to select your puppy based on the order
    for which you are listed on the puppy's web page.
     Just before 8 weeks of age, the pups will be Microchpped.
     Your puppy will need to be taken to the vet
    for their first and ONLY DAPP Vaccine (1/2 dose) at 16 weeks of age.
    More recent studies indicate puppies, should only be given one Vaccine
    the first year and at 16 weeks of age.
    Please refer to our Vaccination page for details.

    Until 16 weeks of age, our puppies have maternal antibodies, to fight off common viruses
     that their mom was vaccinated for (Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvo)
    NEVER EVER EVER EVER give ANY other vaccine than DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvo)
    NEVER EVER EVER Rabies at the same time as any other vaccines, or your puppy will die.
    NEVER EVER give oral FLEA/TICK (by mouth) as will kill your puppy.

Registration papers will be mailed out, when we receive proof of spay/neuter before 12 months of age.
Should we not receive proof of spay/neuter prior to 12 months of age, we will seek reposession of our puppy
that remains in our name and financial compensation for breach of contract.

6.   Our pups go home at 8 weeks of age as long as they are over 2 lbs in weight.

7.   Puppies come with life-time Support
    Puppy must be returned to us, if you can no longer keep your puppy/dog.
    We will take back any of our dogs, at any age and for any reason.
    You should consider purchasing Pet Insurance
     We will not pay medical bills, you choose, to incur.
    We will not refund you, should your puppy die in your care.
    Please read this page before you purchase

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